Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Football fight after Local Derby

About 20 people were found fighting in Brook Street Ilkley by police at the weekend.

Police in Ilkley dealt with a series of fights between football fans and players.
Officers were called to several incidents in Ilkley after Wheatley's 4-0 victory over Ilkley Dynamos at East Holmes Field on Sunday 15th March 2009.

In one incident about 20 people were fighting outside Yorkshire Bank. Two men, a Wheatley player and one Dynamo player, were arrested during the trouble.
Police said they had received no intelligence to indicate that violence had been planned.

Police said they received a number of 999 calls at about 1405 GMT informing them that a large fight involving players & supporters was ongoing in the town centre. Officers attended the scene and the group dispersed.

Football-related fights then broke out at various locations within Ilkley, the force said, and more officers from North Yorkshire were sent in to the town to assist local police.

The arrested Dynamo player was charged with a public order offence. The 38-year-old Wheatley player was arrested on suspicion of causing an affray and released on police bail until 15 April. A Police spokesperson added the arrested Wheatley Player Chris Quaife was basically too old, had no intelligence and could not hold his drink.

There were no reports of any major injuries.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Ilkley Dynamo 0-4 The Mighty Wheatley

In front of a fifty-plus crowd at Eastholme Field Wheatley AFC overpowered Ilkley Dynamos to bag the bragging rights after a 4-0 demolition.

Man of the Match Nick Cockcroft claimed his first hat-trick in a match that delighted manager Mark Powell. Defender Andy Hibbert rounded off an impressive individual performance when volleying home in the 80th minute to complete the rout.

Denton Road witnessed a Wheatley victory last time around, and history repeated itself with a dominating performance. Striker Cockcroft , celebrating his 27th birthday, couldn’t have been happier as he slid home after good work from Andy Wheeler on 15 minutes. Moments later Hibbert came close with a header that left spectators in agony.

Dynamos were frail and Wheatley smelled blood. Al Hey’s trickery produced a chance for Wheeler but he could not test the keeper. As tame as the shot was, Wheatley confidence was high. Chris Quaife, also celebrating his birthday (38) put in several crunching tackles and was guilty of rugby-tackling the Dynamos keeper. Wheatley keeper Kroon had a quiet day but marshalled his back four well.

Danny Bott worked hard all game. The youngster curled in a great cross which was flicked on by Cockcroft, landing at Rick Arundel’s feet. The Wheatley strikers shot was hit with venom but was easily parried away.
On the half-hour mark Wheatley were 2-0 up, courtesy of a second Cockcroft strike, this time left-footed. Sweetly struck, the striker reeled away in ecstasy.

The second half brought more Wheatley glory. Jon Keith replaced Al Hey and worked hard in midfield. Quaife then pumped a superb long pass down the centre to Cockcroft whose pass was intercepted.

An Arundel volley verged on folly, the ball soaring 20 yards over the bar.

It was all Wheatley now and Cockcroft scored his hat-trick with a simple tap-in sending team-mate Turnbull over the edge. His shirt came off in celebration resulting in the games only yellow card!
Hat-trick hero Cockcroft came off to a standing ovation and Ben Woods replaced to ruffle more Dynamo feathers.

3-0 to the good and The Wheatley could do no wrong. A Hibbert header was agonisingly close but the star defender latched on to a pass from Wheeler to slot home the fourth and round off the games most impressive move.

Wheatley thoroughly deserved their victory. The Dynamos were subdued but knew they’d been beaten fair and square.

Special mention must go to the ref who had an excellent game.

Jo Lager Varley


4-0 To The Wheatley Boys!!!

The Mighty Wheatley humbled bitter rivals Dynamo 4-0 in their own backyard... beautiful!

Birthday Boy Cockcroft scored a hat-trick and Hibbert completed the rout finishing off the best move of the season!

Match report to follow...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Clash of the Titans


A.C vs. Inter? Pah! Liverpool vs. Everton? Do me a favour!

The only derby match worth getting excited about this season is of course the mighty Wheatley AFC vs. Ilkley Dynamos this Sunday!

If there is a gridlock in Ilkley town this weekend it will be the result of a frenzy of supporters gearing up for the mighty clash.
Mark Powell’s men are playing with confidence and are looking forward to a rousing match with their Wharfedale rivals. If the pitch permits flowing play then we’ll be in for a humdinger of a match!

Both camps will undoubtedly have a sleepless Saturday night, brains fizzing in anticipation of the cacophony of local support and the subsequent thrill of bragging rights in the bustling Ilkley pubs.
An inspired victory is enough encouragement for most teams, but this fixture has the added incentive of scooping local pride as first prize. Word on the football grapevine is that John Motson had taken his sheepskin coat to the dry cleaners in preparation for the event, although he had to back-out of the morning’s reporting to attend a professional match. A fair enough excuse, one might think, although Motty’s loss is The Ilkley Gazette’s gain!

It is a time for heroes. A time for composure, daring and passion. A time for proud managers to assess performances, drawing on vast experience to rally the troops and install confidence in their lads. Make no mistake – both teams will be up for the challenge. The question is: who will triumph? And will the kit be clean?!

And the league table couldn’t be closer! Dynamos are sitting pretty in 5th place, although Wheatley are breathing down their necks in 6th position. If there is more anticipated game than this, then we’d like to know about it!

Just one moment of quality. That could be enough. Just one curling free-kick, one flash of brilliance. But here at Wheatley HQ we are expecting more flair, more panache and more flamboyance than Wheels after six pints of Stripe!

But we are not deluded. We are all human, prone to errors. There will be slip-ups. There will be abominable refereeing decisions. There will be the notorious Sparky rants delivered with more zest than a bag of lemon sherbets.

Above all, there will be controversy. But we live in controversial times. Nothing will change that. History does not lie.

So sit back, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!


Written by Lager Varley

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Table - up to and inc 8th March 2009

Team ----------------------- P ---------W ------- L ----- GD ------ Pts
Angel FC ------------------14 --------- 9 ------- 1 -------21 -------- 31
Otley Town --------------- 11 -------- 9 -------- 2 -------47-------- 27
Moortown Merlins -------12 -------- 8 -------- 3 ------16 -------- 25
Milford----------------------- 12--------- 5 ------- 3 ------- 6 --------- 19
Ilkley Dynamo ----------- 13 -------- 6 -------- 6 -------1 --------- 19
The Mighty Wheatley -13 -------- 3 -------- 8 ----- -13 --------- 11
Yeadon Vets -------------10 -------- 3 -------- 6 ------ -13 -------- 10
Otley Wharfeside -------13 ---------3 -------- 9 ----- -26 --------- 10
Horsforth Rangers A -- 12 --------1 --------- 9 ----- -20 --------- 5

Player Profiles

Mark Powell (Player Manager)

The Man known as Sparky has been more successful as Wheatley manager than his football betting predictions recently. Never afraid to voice his opinions (usually in a high-pitched Southern twang), Sparky is a livewire both in the changing room and on the touchline. Referees have often been on the receiving end of Sparky’s “hairdryer treatment”, which just goes to show his enthusiasm and verve for the Wheatley AFC cause. A master tactician, Sparky is the brains behind operation, which is probably the first (and no doubt last) time he will be complimented about his mental capacity! Admiral Nelson, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin…Sparky. You better believe they are all great men!

Rory Kroon (Keeper / Striker)

“WHO LET THE DOGS OUT…WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO …WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?” The man now universally known as Kroon Dog has had a varied season, from playing a starring role up front against Otley Town, to appearing between the sticks donning outsized gloves to protect his exorbitantly large hands. Although unlucky to be hounded by niggling injuries, Kroon Dog can often been seen supporting The Wheatley at their home games, chasing sticks with gay abandon and being followed around by the rest of the Kroon clan with small plastic doggie bags.

Jo Varley (Keeper / Roving Reporter)

Lager has stepped in twice when needed to put his dignity on the line as reserve goalkeeper. Managing with aplomb to make the job look very difficult indeed, his current record stands at conceding one goal every 20 minutes. Mind you, Lager has the “hands on the hips looking despairingly flustered” look down to a tee! In his defence, should Lager be given more than 33 minutes notice before his services are required, he is sure he’ll come good in the end. At the moment, though, he is more Gordon Brittas than Gordon Banks! Lager also does a spot of reporting in his spare time for 'The Yeadon Gazette'!

Richard Lord (Keeper / Part-timer)

As Wheatley's once regular ‘keeper, “old man” Lordy has made more stops than Michael Palin managed during his Pole to Pole adventure. Not averse to a pre-match cigarette, he is as relaxed as a sedated sloth snoozing high in the Amazonian canopies. Assured under a high ball, confident with low shots, Lordy just about has all the characteristics of a complete goalkeeper. Just ask Neville Southall – he came to Lordy to ask for his advice in 1979! Lordy is now somewhat of a recluse and can only be found under Ilkley's biggest thumb (Advice - grow a pair mate!)

Chris Head (Keeper)

When The Wheatley was at their wit’s end after Lordy picked (g)up an injury, up stepped Chris to replace the veteran goalkeeper. Well, what can we say? An astonishingly assured performance in nets brought plaudits from all who witnessed his heroics. A good keeper is a treasured asset to have, and The Wheatley was delighted to have snapped him up when available. On that famous day, Chris stopped more shots that Batfink in his prime!

Andy Hibbert (Defender)

“Nimble”, “animated” and “sprightly” are just some of the words from a whole plethora of adjectives one would use to describe Botty Lad (see below). Only kidding Andy! The robust central defender possesses a kick similar in power to an agitated mule during mating season. Solid in the air and adopting an old-school “no nonsense” approach to defending, Andy’s book entitled “Hibbert’s Guide To Defending – Kick The Bastards In The Air” will be in all good bookshops (and even some poor ones) soon! Additionally, Andy will happily discuss his tactics over a post-match Stella!

Eric Bana (Defender)

He pops up here, he pops up there, The Incredible Hulk is everywhere! The transition from rugby league to Sunday football may be a step too far for most people, but Eric Bana is no ordinary person! A superhero performance in Wheatley’s last game brought young Eric the man-of-the-match accolades from…well, Meg, Rocky and his dog! Never one to shy away from a challenge, Eric is a player whom demands your attention. Watch out, Dynamos! There’s a new power in town!

Johnny Turnbull (Defender)

What have Ron Jeremy and J.T got in common? Big tackles! Oof!With sleeves rolled up and shin-pads firmly secure, J.T has been a very fine servant for The Wheatley this season. He likes nothing better than rolling around in the mud like a sweaty hog on a first date at Old MacDonald’s farm.There has been some speculation recently about which professional team he supports. Is J.T a Leeds fan? A pint for the first person to ask him!

Joe McTigue (Defender)
AKA “Red Stripe”, experienced lager guzzling Tiguey comes from a fine stock of sportsmen. The word on the street is that Red Stripe themselves have approached Tiguey with a lucrative sponsorship deal – quite a credible report considering quaffing Jamaican booze is not yet a sport! His shimmering hips have made one appearance at home this season for Wheatley AFC. More appearances wouldn’t go amiss Tiguey Lad!

Dave Healey (Defender)

Wheatley’s Mr Consistent. Has Davva ever had a bad game? Certainly not in this lifetime, pal! Generally as cool as a polar bear wearing a pair of Aviators, Davva at left back is a reassuring presence for any Wheatley goalkeeper – even Lager! That’s not to say he doesn’t get fired up. Heaven only knows what he’d be like on the pitch if something really wound him up!

Chris Lloyd (Defender)

On the pitch Lloydy is as hungry as a gout-ridden pensioner during Meals on Wheels week. A cheeky chappy, an unshaven Lloydy also bears more than a passing resemblance to a disobedient chimpanzee at his first tea party! Strong in the tackle, the Wheatley defender never gives up the cause and will run and run until the final whistle. So much so that rumour has it Lloydy will be auditioning to replace the Duracell Bunny when it eventually runs out of steam. Watch this space!

Johnny Dinsdale (Defender)
Dinners has been more of a spectator these days, although was rewarded a gold star by coming up with the nickname “Eric Bana” – a name so subtly ingenious even the Gazette haven’t picked up on it yet! He’s getting old, sure, but the advance in years will only bring more experience to The Wheatley. Priceless!

Andy Wheeler (Midfield)

“Use your pace, Wheels!” Roy Castle must have loved stalwart Wheatley playmaker Wheels, as they both know dedication is what you need to succeed! He’s a Wednesday fan – “Owl” we’ll never know! Often seen causing mayhem in the centre of the park (and sometimes on the football pitch), Andy is as committed as they come. Organised, stylish and a dreamy left peg fans call "The Wand", Wheels’ love affair with the Wheatley wagon rolls on and on. Get that man a pint!

Al Hey (Midfield)

Master of Trickery and High Priest of Deception – no, it’s not Paul Daniels, it is Wheatley’s very own Pocket Dynamo, Al Hey! Bamboozling not only the opposition but sometimes his own comrades and even the supporters, Al’s assists must have reached doubles figures this season…well, at least in the high singles! A great lad to have around, Al is undoubtedly one of Wheatley AFC’s star performers and arguably the team’s most famous son, having appeared in the Gazette more times than any other player. And all this time no-one knew his dad was interested in photography!

Chris Quaife (Midfield)

The Enforcer. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? You’d be forgiven for thinking this to be an ITV2 spin-off series, but in fact this tag belongs to Guppy! The bruising midfielder has successfully laid claim to be Wheatley’s hard man, marshalling the troops and implementing terror to reduce both opponents and referees to blubbering babies in the same vein as Norman Hunter. Give him a few years and he’ll have more bookings than Tom Jones at The Flamingo Hotel in 1962! Fully committed and reliable, Guppy has been nothing short of a revelation!

Jonny Keith (Midfield)

Va Va Vvrooom!Motorcycle lover J.K certainly has a big engine, and he has plenty of gas to burn on the pitch to boot! A man for the big occasions, fearless J.K is as prickly a customer as the bristles on his face. He’s like a bulldog on speed, chomping at the bit, snarling, and slobbering with enthusiasm. And you should see him when he’s not in the boozer! Enough praise – just get him a pint.

Adam Emmott (Midfield)

Where has Adam been all this time? Wheatley’s newest recruit has exceeded all expectations by consistently turning up on time! No, seriously, Adam The Lionheart has put in the hard yards and slogged his guts out, but you would expect nothing less from an Ermysted’s lad! Praise must go to Wheels for his efforts in securing Adam. We’d all rather play with him than against him. Solid indeed!

Danny Bott (Midfield)

“Ref-er-reeee!”Make no mistake – young Botty Lad likes to get stuck in, hounding defenders and chasing lost causes like a pack of cheetahs pursuing a wounded gazelle. A talented crosser of the ball, what Botty Lad lacks in brawn (and brain!) he more than makes up for with skill.Regarding referees decisions, he may have more hang-ups than a school cloakroom, but you can’t put a price on youthful exuberance. A great lad to have on board The HMS Wheatley.

Ben Woods (Forward)

Often seen up front with Cocky, Woody regularly ploughs through the mud like an expertly driven Massey Ferguson. Relentless badgering more often not reaps great rewards for striker Woody. The man simply never lets you down! Not too commonly to be found in an Ilkley pub, The Wheatley are hoping Woody will change his habits to reflect on the great work he does for the club.

Paul Dawson (Midfield)
“There’s only one Paul Dawson, there’s only one Paul Dawson. He’s got no hair, we don’t care, walking in a Dawson Wonderland!” The bald, Bantams-besotted buffoon is indeed a loyal ‘un, travelling the lengths and breadths of the country in support of his beloved Bradford City come hell or high water. And all power to him! Making a brief second-half appearance at Apperley Bridge did no harm to Daws’s already impressive football credentials. Likes a pint, apparently.

Nick Cockcroft (Forward)

More versatile than a Bird’s Eye potato waffle, Cocky has appeared for most of the season on Wheatley’s front line, targeting defenders and agitating goalkeepers with shots galore. Don’t be surprised to see him on the wing, though! The Wheatley striker possesses a laid-back, almost nonchalant, aura in front of goal, prompting comparisons with Berbatov. Cocky has a far superior cover drive, though!

Rick Arundel (Forward)

Rocky up front is a sight to behold. His turn of speed has never before been witnessed since two youths in Seacroft inserted a firecracker up a whippet’s jacksee! One-two’s, nutmegs, step-overs…the man is unstoppable! Rocky always puts his body on the line for The Wheatley. Sparky must be very proud of him!

Ben Cater (Forward)
Appearances can be deceptive. Just ask Kroon Dog – he looks half intelligent!
He may come across as having a physique one would normally associate with the Belarus Under-11 Gymnastics Team, but in fact Ben has proved he can play with the big boys and consistently raises eyebrows with his hidden strength and continuous determination. Never seen him in the boozer, though, but no doubt the young whippersnapper will buck his ideas up!

Terry Pearson (Sicknote)
Tez hasn’t been as readily available as The Wheatley would have liked, but that has not stoped him from putting his body on the line when required! Slow-witted but with a dynamic acceleration, we’re certain Tez will up the ante and pull on his boots more often next season. More of an attacking player with an innate footballing ability, a regular-playing Tez would be a very fine addition to any team. Football team, that is. Can you imagine him playing netball?!

Andrew Rhodes (Utility player)
More dishevelled than a Skid Row vagabond, Rhodsey Lad has displayed a remarkable ability to perform in goal with blood alcohol levels that would topple a giraffe. Naturally gifted, Rhodsey is the kind of sportsman that can turn his hand to anything. Verbally aggressive, the young upstart shows no fear in conveying his opinion – usually in a torrent of foul-mouthed outbursts!
Impressive at swinging ape-like on the cross bar, too. Is Rhodsey Olympics-bound in the near future? Only he knows. Only he knows.

Written by Lager Varley

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Match Report - Milford away (Sunday 28th Feb 2009)

Milford 2 - 0 The Mighty Wheatley

After a good run of form recently, Wheatley travelled to Milford brimming with confidence. For long periods Wheatley dominated and had much of the possession. Why the away team did not score mystified even the home support.

Milford started brightly enough on soft home soil. An early looping shot was no cause of concern for the Wheatley back four but on ten minutes a fierce shot drilled into the top corner gave Wheatley stand-in keeper Jo Varley no chance. Worse was to follow when Milford doubled their advantage after a mix-up in the Wheatley defence. Despite two strikers interfering in an off-side position, play was waved on to the annoyance of the away team. Milford were 2-0 up in the first fifteen minutes leaving Wheatley fuming.

Manager Powell was not here to see Wheatley’s response, although he would have been justifiably proud of his side’s efforts. Strikers Cockcroft and Woods both went close after good work down the left flank from Al Hey. Midfield duo Andy Wheeler and Eric Bana worked hard to rally the troops. In fact man-of-the-match Bana was everywhere on the pitch except in goal, a position no doubt he would have excelled in such was his fervour today.
It is fair to say Milford would have been delighted with a 2-0 lead at half time. Adopting the policy of “no goals without shots” clearly worked, as Wheatley were perhaps guilty of not shooting more often.

That said, the Wheatley heads were still up and raring to go for the second half. Dependable defenders Johnny Turnbull and Andy Hibbert bossed their areas and it is to their credit that keeper Varley had only to make one save in the second half.

Wheatley deserved more. A hot-headed Turnbull chased and hounded throughout but his over-commitment spilled over into a clash with the Milford number 10. The ref was on the spot, though, and immediately quelled any nastiness. This incident proved to be the impetus for the remainder of the game. Wheatley needed to score quickly now, and the combination of Hibbert’s piledriver of a right foot combined with Danny Bott’s searching passes meant the Milford goal was getting a peppering. This was all about pressure, but still Wheatley couldn’t find the back of the net.
When a blatant penalty was waved away in the 70th minute, Wheatley knew it wasn’t going to be their day. Dedication and effort they had in barrowfuls, but all they needed was one goal to make the last five minutes even more exciting.

Disappointment, then, for a brave Wheatley side. Should they dust their shooting boots off for the next match against local rivals Ilkley Dynamos, it promises to be a cracker.

Match Report by Lager

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Table (upto and inc Feb 16th 2009)

Team ............................P .......W.... D....L.... F.... A.... GD.... Pts
Moortown Merlins ..........12....... 8.... 1 ....3 ....47...31 ....16 ......25
Angel FC .......................12.......7.... 4 ....1 ....44 ..28 ....16 .....25
Otley Town .....................9 ......8.....0 .....1 ....41 ..14 ....27...... 24
Ilkley Dynamo ...............12....... 6 ....1 ... 5.....37 ...33 .....4 ......19
Milford ..........................10 .......3 ....4 ....3 .....19 ..17..... 2 .......13
Wheatley Ilkley ..............12 ......3 ....2.... 7 ....24 ...35 ......-11.... 11
Otley Wharfeside ..........11 ........3 ....1.... 7 ...19 ...40..... -21.... 10
Yeadon Veterans ...........9 ........2 ....1..... 6.... 21.. 36... ..-15 ......7
Horsforth Rangers A .....11 .......1 .....2..... 8 ...10 ...28 .....-18 .....5

Monday, 16 February 2009

Who said romance isn't dead?

Resident Chinaman Danny Bott took his wife out on Saturday night and treat her to a McDonalds and Wetherspoons. Passions obviously got the better of them as Danny was no-where to be seen Sunday morning helping extend Wheatley's unbeaten run!

Ben Cater back from injury

The Wheatley were delighted to welcome back Ben Cater back to the squad after suffering an horrendous injury whilst playing for the Troggs back in December.

Turnbull shows off his big tool

Centre-half Turnbull and his big tool.

Manager delighted with Wheatley unbeaten run

Manager Sparky is delighted with the Wheatley's unbeaten run throughout February. He was quoted as saying, "I am f%*king well 'appy with our f%*king unbeaten run throughout f%*king February."

Wheatley Manager Sparky at a recent press conference.

Foz's fooked finger

Below is a pic of Foz's finger from Sunday's game... all of Wheatley wish him a speedy recovery.

Match Report - vs Horsforth Rangers A (15th Feb 2009)

Wheatley's unbeaten run continues

Unbeaten in the last two, the Wheatley were starting to show the form of a team full of confidence and Sunday’s encounter confirmed this. Chris Quaife stole the show as the Wheatley dominated the game running out comfortable winners. It was Quaife’s second that will take the headlines. A cross form the by-line found the Wheatley centre midfield on the edge of the box, who released a rasping 20 yard left footed volley beating the outstretched Horsforth keeper. Quaife, who was overjoyed with his second goal of the morning, had put the Wheatley ahead twenty five minutes in when a tucked a lose ball past the keeper at close range.

A delayed kick off had seen a bright start from both side with nice touches with intricate passing moves. Horsforth looked like they had the potential to cause central defenders Turnbull and Hibbert problems, however their bright start failed to materialise into a potent threat. With both sides using the width well it was Quaife who capitalised on a loose ball in the box, shimmying nicely from right to left and placing the ball past the static keeper. Horsforth never really recovered from the blow failing to test the Wheatley back four. Eric Banna’s new role at right back ended abruptly as he had to depart with two dislocated finger. Al Hey came off the bench making his first appearance in two due to a calf strain.

With fifteen minutes til the interval Quaife was on hand to double the Wheatley’s lead. His sublime finish had a touch of class about it matching his performance in the centre. Along with partner Andy Wheeler, the two dominated the middle of the park mopping up the lose ball. Wheeler’s touches were particularly impressive with some lovely turns in the centre allowing him time and space to spread the play. He also came close to notching in the second period with a pile driver that rattled the cross bar. Wheeler’s thirty yard effort dipped over the keeper only to rebound off the frame. His effort would have certainly eclipsed that of Quaife’s in the first half.

Cockcroft looked sharp upfront playing off the last man. He had a low shot which was vitally blocked. His ability to role off the last man meant he caused havoc all morning. A second half turn left him one on one with the Horsforth keeper who stayed big to deny the Wheatley front man. Arundel and Emmott hugged the touchlines all game providing the Wheatley with some real options and quality. Danny Bott could only look on as he was suspended. Dave Healy returned from a lengthy injury with his usual trickery and consistency. At full back he was rarely tested.

The Wheatley were able to impose themselves on the game passing the ball around with conviction and a swagger at times. They limited Horsforth to one shot on target which keeper Kroon was equal to. He got a strong hand to forceful shot from inside the box.

Quaife’s performance and two goals rightfully earned him man of the match. Powell’s men, who haven’t conceded a goal in 180 minutes, march on with another home tie next week.

Match Report by Kroony

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Table (up to Mon 2nd Feb 2009)

Moortown Merlins -------------12 -----------------------25
Angel FC ------------------------11----------------------- 22
Otley Town----------------------- 8 ------------------------21
Dynamo --------------------------11----------------------- 19
Milford ----------------------------10 -----------------------13
Otley Wharfeside --------------10 -----------------------10
The Mighty Wheatley ---------11 ------------------------8
Yeadon Vets --------------------9 --------------------------7
Horsforth Rangers ------------10------------------------- 5

E X C L U S I V E !

Allen Hey in use of right foot shocker!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Martin Foster is...

... The Hulk!

Wheatley unveil new signing...

The Wheatley are proud to announce the official signing of Adam 'Le Saux' Emmott on deadline day. Welcome aboard the good ship Wheatley mate!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Action Shots vs Milford

Below are some great pictures taken by aka my brother in law Mick Jarvis - cheers Mick!

Guppy with his 'lightening pace'! (Disclaimer - before anyone sues me under the Trade Descriptions Act, they were Mick's words not mine!)

Everybody's kung-fu fighting! Thou shalt NOT score!

Use your pace Wheels!

The Wheatley Midfield treat the spectators to an improptu version of the Time Warp!

Ricky Boy

The Kroon Dog after pulling off a great save!


Nice flick Cocky!

Thats your last warning sunshine!

Match Report - vs Milford (1st February 2009)

Deadlock as Wheatley extend unbeaten run

The 0-0 scoreline does not tell the story of this tight encounter. It was end-to-end at times with the second half being played at a frantic pace as both sides searched for a winner. Neither sides failed to capitalise on opportunities in front of goal with the Wheatley spurning the better of the chances.

Wheatley striker Eric Bana pushed his second half one-on-one despairingly wide. Rick Arundel’s determined run down the left and crisp pass slid Bana through on goal, only to see his effort slide wide of the post. Danny Bott’s first half effort also sailed harmlessly over. The Leeds Met student did everything right taking down Chris Quaife’s 35-yard pin point ball with a deft touch only to hammer his shot high over the bar from ten yards out. Wheatley manager Powell could only look on as his side kept wasting glorious chances and positions in front of goal.

Milford however, weren’t lacking in idea’s either. An unmarked header from an early corner really should have tested Wheatley keeper Kroon. And it was Andy Wheeler who came to the Wheatley’s rescue in the second half. Milford’s striker nipped the ball past the on rushing Kroon who could only watch as Wheeler made a heroic vital last ditch clearance off the line under pressure when a goal seemed inevitable.

A Milford goal would have certainly been harsh on The Wheatley. Milford’s only other clear opportunity came half way through the second period as a poor clearance saw the ball drop to the Milford right winger who’s blasted effort from 8yards was turned onto the bar by the reactive outstretched foot of Kroon. Quaife was on hand to throw his body in the way of the richochet which was goal bound. Milford’s central midfielders Dawson and Dougy battled hard in the middle of the park and winger Chris Normington looked bright tormenting substitute right back Rhodes. Normington was as guilty as the Wheatley of getting into great positions but not producing a final ball or testing the keeper.

Both Wheatley’s wingers Bott and Cockcroft caused Milford fullbacks problems all morning. And each winger, strikers Arundel, Wood and, second half substitute Bana will be disappointed not to hit the target more often, not capitalising on great positions in the final third. Wheeler and Quaife fought brilliantly in the middle mopping up the second ball as well as spreading the play, linking well with their two wide men. The Wheatley back four impressed again, with Hibbert’s excellent last ditch challenge to deny Milford striker a clear run through on goal in the first period being the highlight. Central defence partner Turnbull was as reliable as ever winning everything in the air.

The Wheatley following were pleased to see right back Keithy successfully complete 90 minutes after tearing a hamstring back in November. Also the prospect of seeing more from new boy Adam Emmott at left back will delight most. His confidence and composure on the ball left manger Powell impressed with regular left back Healey still sidelined.

The manager will be left ruing missed chances and also with the headache of possible up and coming suspensions. Bott received another caution after wrestling Milford’s Normington to the ground. Quaife got off with yellow after a dreadful challenge on the edge of the box. Powell couldn’t have asked more from his men who won their individual battles all over the pitch doing everything apart from finding the back of the net. Powell will feel his side should have won what was a close encounter.

Match report by The Kroon Dog

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Match Report - The Angel Baildon (19th January 2009)

Angel F.C. 7 - 1 Wheatley A.F.C.


Baildon’s Angel F.C gained valuable points against Wheatley A.F.C with a comfortable home win on Sunday.

There is no doubt Wheatley will be disappointed with their performance. A swirling wind caused havoc in the away team’s penalty area, but this was no excuse for some sluggish defending. They will need to improve in all departments for the return fixture next week at Ilkley. Angel took advantage early on, peppering the Wheatley goal with high crosses and attacks down both flanks. Inexperienced ‘keeper Jo Varley struggled throughout but was not helped by some slack marking.

Playing downhill in the first half, the home team will be delighted by the form of Andrew Radosevic, who netted three times for Angel. Three goals against in the first thirty minutes was hard for Wheatley to take. Pride was restored just before half time, however, with striker Woods displaying trademark poaching skills as he coolly poked in a six yard finish from a low-driven cross from the left.

At the stroke of half time the score was 3-1. This deficit wasn’t incurable, but Wheatley would now have to step up two gears to come away with a respectable score-line. The midfield powerhouse normally so commanding seemed to be running on empty, and for a short spell they were flagging. Again, there was no lack of effort, but the Wheatley players knew they had been outplayed so far.
Playing downhill in the second half was to Wheatley’s advantage, although they’ll regret not testing the Angel ‘keeper more times than they did. Andrew Kenyon and Liam Roche made it five goals to the good as the home side continued to dominate. Wheatley then made a tactical substitution as Joe McTigue was brought on to add some expertise in defence. But it was now testing times for Wheatley – Angel added a sixth, and then in the dying minutes Kyle Barber’s fierce shot sent the Baildon side into seven goal heaven.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Goalkeeping debut...

Special mention to our keeper who made his Wheatley debut last minute against The Angel... cheers Chris!

Beautiful Bacon Butties!

Rick and Big Andy did the lads proud on Sunday making some awesome bacon butties for everyone after the match against Angel.

It was very poor form by the opposition not to turn up after being told food would be provided - at least it meant their was plenty left for us to enjoy! Thanks to Meg also for helping in the kitchen!

Match Action from Angel game...

All pictures courtesy of Gaynor Bott - thanks Gaynor!

So near yet, so far!

Bit crowded!

Good effort Danny Lad!

On your 'ed son!

Guppy with No. 8 in his pocket!

Ben Woods

Big Andy ready to pounce




Head it!

Andy and JT bossing the defence


Great technique Danny!

Match Report - Angel Baildon (24th Jan 2008)

Wheatley AFC 2 Angel FC 2

What a difference a week makes.

Reeling on the back of a 7-1 thumping last week, Wheatley AFC displayed a truly rousing performance – both collectively and individually – to restore some pride and impress the biggest crowd of the season so far. It was vital for the home team to inject some self-belief into their game, and manager Mark Powell will be proud of his valiant players – Wheatley enjoyed the majority of possession and showed true grit to come from behind twice.

Angel FC had an encouraging start though, beating the off-side trap and forcing new keeper Chris Head to makes the game’s first save. For the past few weeks Wheatley have struggled to maintain a regular man between the sticks, but Head would later show his natural prowess with a flurry of fine blocks.

For the next fifteen minutes, Wheatley seized the initiative. What was evident in this passage of play was the determination to attack. Andy Hibbert’s thunderous right foot caused problems all morning and it was the defender’s long ball that released the bubbly Danny Bott down the right flank. Eager for an early shot, the young midfielder struck the keeper’s legs, with striker Ben Woods coming close with the follow-up. Moments later sprightly left winger Al Hey whipped in an inviting cross that had the Angel defence in turmoil. Central midfielder Andy Wheeler was bold in the air and although his header was directed straight at the opposition keeper, Wheatley were now taking the game by the scruff of the neck. This was highlighted further by Wood’s attacking partner Rick Arundel muscling his way past the gain-line, his shot fizzing despairingly wide. A fantastic period for Powell’s men, and Angel were undeniably rocked. A new and improved Wheatley model had definitely turned up today.

With a Wheatley team seemingly saturated with strikers, hot-shot Nick Cockcroft was given a run on the left wing. Fleet of foot and determined to boot, Cockcroft had a solid game and contributed with some nice touches and effective short passes. But the home team’s strength was not solely exhibited by the attacking options. Johnny Turnbull’s work rate at the back was at times staggering – his reward came on 20 minutes with a brilliantly executed tackle in his own box. Angel’s cries for a penalty were deplorable – make no mistake, this was defending of the highest order. Right-back Chris Lloyd never seems to have an average game, and his consistency reached new levels today. How long could Wheatley keep this up?

Angel FC’s attacks were largely ineffectual in the first-half. Keeper Head made two fine saves, but it was his opposite number that was working overtime. Hey’s trickery baffled both opposition and spectators alike – during one display of skill you’d be forgiven for thinking this was Copacabana Beach and not Ilkley. Although the half-time whistle couldn’t come soon enough for the weary Angel, the away team had to endure a genuine scare when Arundel blasted a shot from the right. The industrious striker’s effort skimmed the cross bar as the crowd gasped in agony.

Despite the surges of pressure heaped upon Angel, it was the away team that had the clearest opportunity in first half. A lucky ricochet meant keeper Head was left stranded with his goal unprotected. With the ball straight at Angel’s feet and an open goal fifteen yards out, the ball should have hit the net. This it did, although the net in question belonged to an angler relaxing on the banks of the River Wharfe thirty yards away.
0-0 at half-time, although the home team definitely deserved more.

Wheatley approached the second-half full of confidence. Andy Wheeler – live and unleashed – harassed and hounded, whilst his enforcing partner in the middle of the park, Chris Quaife, put the boot in on several occasions to defuse Angel’s momentum.

Then a moment of controversy. An Angel thrown-in looked illegal even from the far touch-line although referee John Reeves waved play on. As disputed as the thrown-in was, Angel’s striker allowed himself to rock back on his heels and hit a sweet shot on the turn. Chris Head was powerless to intervene and the ball found its way into the bottom right corner. A fair shot from unfair means. A kick in the teeth for Wheatley, no doubt, but they had the character needed to overcome such set-backs.

Five minutes later Wheeler, who impressed throughout, took charge of a free kick yards outside the Angel penalty area. His curling delivery was achieved with precision, causing the Angel keeper to flap behind his defenders. An alert Bott pounced on the parry and knocked in from close range. 1-1 with half an hour still to play.

Angel were quiet now, and Wheatley sensed blood. Woods and Arundel both came close and Bott saw three long-range efforts go wide from the outside of his boot. Nevertheless, Wheatley were on the attack.

But in sport nothing is guaranteed. All of a sudden the balanced shifted when Angel poached a lucky goal out of nothing. Bemused as they were, Wheatley responded by bringing on fresh legs in the form of Adam Emmott, taking over from the resilient Woods. The extra pace proved a tonic as Bott was released into the penalty area, only to be crudely upended by an over-zealous challenge. No penalty, and Bott was left fuming. Angel had been let off.

Chris Quaife was taken off on the 75 minute mark and replaced with Eric Bana. Wheatley would not give up. Arundel came close again with a speculative shot, and skipper Hibbert led the way with a superlative sliding tackle that epitomised the doggedness of this Wheatley side.

In an attempt to ply the opposition with more pressure, winger Cockcroft was promoted to playing alongside Arundel up front. This was inspirational. Bana just managed to stay on-side from an Arundel flick-on and let fly with a good effort that was saved well by the keeper. That said, the ball couldn’t be collected cleanly and fell sweetly to Cockcroft’s muddy feet. To say the striker’s shot was well struck would flirt dangerously with exaggeration. A fumbled effort was all that was required, however, as the ball trickled into the net.

A thoroughly deserved goal to draw level and Wheatley could consider themselves unlucky for not coming away with a victory. Well done to all.

Written by Joe 'Lager' Varley

Friday, 16 January 2009

Match Report - Otley Town (11th January 2009)

Otley Town 6 Wheatley AFC 1

With no match practice the previous week due to a frozen pitch, Wheatley AFC travelled to rivals Otley Town for what promised to be an entertaining derby match.The blustery conditions were always going to prove tricky, but the game was played in admirable spirits and referee Tony Brown must be commended for arbitrating some free-flowing football. All too often officials bear the brunt of criticism. Neither side could have any grievances; Mr Brown was mostly spot on throughout the match.

Wheatley goalkeeper Andy Rhodes started brightly, parrying a low shot to his right after a clinical Otley build-up down the right flank. This installed some confidence in the Wheatley defence and was all the more remarkable since Rhodes made the save without gloves. Wearing bright orange in the same vein as Holland, Otley turned on the style in a bid to play “total football”. Short, crisp passes were the order of the day. The home team was awarded two free kicks on the edge of the penalty area in successive minutes. The first was charged down by the gutsy Wheatley defenders; the second headed inches over the bar. It was all Otley now but Wheatley managed to endure the onslaught. Wheatley skipper Andy Hibbert then played in midfielder Danny Bott with a sweeping long range pass. Bott’s shot clattered into the side-netting, but at least it was an attack with intent.

Otley were increasingly looking like to take the lead, so when Wheatley striker Rory Kroon opened the scoring after 25 minutes, it left the home bench bewildered. Kroon was put in on goal by a superb pass down the left wing by Al Hey. Keeping a calm head, the striker nicknamed K-Dog dinked across goal and slotted his shot in at the bottom left corner.

Although jubilant, Wheatley manager Mark Powell must have been wary. Wheatley have been guilty of late of conceding straight after scoring. The trend did not lie. Otley opened their account two minutes later with a terrific shot by Richard Sharpe. He gave himself time to pick his spot and Rhodes could do nothing but watch the ball sail into the top left corner. Otley deserved their goal, and were now starting to dictate proceedings. However, contrary to their dominance, it was Wheatley who should have gone 2-1 up. Young striker Danny Knight put Kroon in one-on-one with the Otley keeper. Both teams held their breath as the keeper went to ground, the ball falling to Kroon six yards in front of an open goal. Kroon tried to hit the back of the net with a powerful thump but only succeeded in hitting a Vauxhall Corsa in the busy car park.

A Wheatley lead would have been hard for Otley to take. Kroon’s open goal howler sparked a call to arms in the Otley ranks. Rhodes pulled off a fine save on 40 minutes and left back Dave Healey worked overtime to thwart waves of Otley attacks. 1-1 at half-time told only half the story. Otley stepped up a gear in the second half. Danny Royston’s 55th minute shot was hit with venom, comfortably beating Rhodes at his near post. The home team was now eager to make it three, which they did courtesy of a Scott Firth free kick on 60 minutes.

No one could dispute the Wheatley efforts but it was looking more and more likely that Otley would increase their two goal lead. A golden opportunity to do exactly that was handed to them on a plate. Robust Wheatley defender Johnny Turnbull lunged earnestly in the box but the ball was nowhere to be seen. Penalty to Otley. The ball was again nowhere to be seen as it flew high over the bar from the penalty spot. A chance wasted by the home side from an effort more commonly seen half a mile up the road at Otley Rugby Club.

Nevertheless, Otley were fired up for the last twenty minutes. Danny Royston bagged his second of the day with a coolly placed shot, and followed this up five minutes later with his hat-trick from a feeble goal clearance by Rhodes. 5-1 to Otley with ten minutes left to play.

It would have been understandable had Wheatley thrown in the towel, but this is not in their nature. Midfield duo Andy Wheeler and Chris Quaife never gave up, and Richard Arundel made a triumphant return to the side at right-back. Sam Dexter piled on the Wheatley misery with a rasping shot in the dying minutes. 6-1 may have flattered Otley Town, but there was no denying who were the better team. To add to Rhodes’s woes, referee Mr Brown labelled the young keeper “uncouth”. This will surely rally the troops for next week’s fixture. Compliments go to all players for a keenly contested match, and to loyal supporter John Wood for providing goalkeeping gloves to Rhodes in the 20th minute. Wheatley AFC travel to Angel FC next week hungry for victory. Manager Powell has hinted a return to the side in a bid to restore the side’s winning ways. There is indeed plenty to play for in 2009.

(Written by Lager)

Monday, 5 January 2009

Match Report - Moortown Merlins

Moortown Merlins 5 - 4 The Mighty Wheatley

After a month of inactivity, Wheatley AFC travelled to Leeds looking for a pre-Christmas victory against Moortown Merlins.
Moortown struck first from a throw-in after a mix-up in The Wheatley defence. Wheatley striker Rory Kroon levelled on 15 minutes with a calmly taken finish. This provided the impetus for attacks from both sides as the wintry conditions deteriorated.
When Moortown pinched a goal back, Kroon bagged his second of the match to level again on the half-hour mark. Then the Moortown goalkeeper was left red-faced when he let the ball slip through slippery hands courtesy of Wheatley defender Chris Lloyd’s cross-cum shot. A half-time score of 3-2 left Wheatley manager Mark Powell cock-a-hoop and it was all to play for.
Wheatley then came out of the blocks with all guns blazing. Midfielder Danny Bott was unlucky to have a curled free-kick hit the bar. Playing in thick mud did nothing to encourage free-flowing football, although when The Merlins pulled one back on 70 minutes and then followed up with another two minutes later, it was The Wheatley who were chasing the game.
Battling Chris Quaife worked tirelessly in the centre and when Wheatley pulled one back in the 80th minute after good work on the wing from the versatile Kroon, it was game on.
With the score level at 4-4 it was always going to be a nervous finish. Moortown were awarded a penalty with five minutes to go leaving Wheatley ’keeper Lord no chance. Two blistering shots from Wheatley Man-of-the-Match Johnny Turnbull went close in the dying minutes but The Merlins held on for a 5-4 win.

New catering facilities

It seems that The Mighty Wheatley have a closet chef in their ranks! Rick got a new slow cooker for Christmas and has promised the lads to a culinary masterpiece in two weeks time when we are next at home! We look forward to it Ricky Boy!

Team breakfast

It says much of the spirit and camaraderie that Sparky has managed to instil this season that after the game was cancelled yesterday The Mighty Wheatley enjoyed a team breakfast at Booths. Much debate was had on the merits of a 'Booths Full English' or 'Booths Country Breakfast' and after much disagreement and conflict is was finally decided that both are poor and far too expensive. Good brew mind!

Match cancelled

The first game of 2009 due to be played yesterday against Horsforth Rangers A was called off due to a frozen pitch. It looks like Wheels Lad will have to wait another week to try his new boots out!

Friday, 2 January 2009


14th September 2008
Ilkley Dynamo 1 - 4 Wheatley

21st September 2008
Wheatley 2 - 3 Otley Wharfeside

5th October 2008
Wheatley 1 - 2 Yeadon Veterans

12th October 2008
Horsforth Rangers A 1 - 0 Wheatley

2nd November 2008
Otley Wharfeside 0 - 2 Wheatley

9th November 2008
Yeadon Veterans 8 - 5 Wheatley

21st December 2008
Moortown Merlins 5 - 4 Wheatley

Injury news

Jon Keith - torn thigh muscle, hoping to be back Mid-February

Rory Kroon - damaged thumb but fit to play outfield

Chris Quaife - cracked rib but fit to play

Terry Pearson - stubbed toe, chipped nail, bruised ear, sniffly cold, tickly cough, sore little finger... someone please put him down.

The Fans...

The Mighty Wheatley are proud of their strong following and their foolhardy fans follow the teams exploits home and away, wind, rain or shine! Here are a few of the teams more committed fans...

John Wood - a keen follower, although often arrives late so as to avoid not playing if the team are short!

Paul Dawson - the first in the crowd to get the chants going. An extremely vocal and loyal Wheatley fan.

Meg Jarvis - can often be seen sat on the touchline cheering on the lads in her multi purpose deckchair. Makes a mean chilli for after the game too!

Gaynor Bott - the teams official photographer and psychotherapist to one of the teams more fiery midfielders, Gaynor is hoping 2009 brings promotion for The Mighty Wheatley!

The Squad

Manager - Mark Powell aka Sparky

Chris Head
Richard Lord


Andy Hibbert (Captain)
Mark Powell
Jon Turnbull
Chris Lloyd
Dave Healey
Marc Coldwell
John Wood
Martin Foster


Andy Wheeler
Chris Quaife
Danny Bott
Al Hey
Jon Keith
Ben Cater
Joe Varley
Paul Dawson
Adam Emmott


Richard Arundel
Ben Woods
Nick Cockcroft
Rory Kroon Dog
Danny Knight