Thursday, 12 March 2009

Clash of the Titans


A.C vs. Inter? Pah! Liverpool vs. Everton? Do me a favour!

The only derby match worth getting excited about this season is of course the mighty Wheatley AFC vs. Ilkley Dynamos this Sunday!

If there is a gridlock in Ilkley town this weekend it will be the result of a frenzy of supporters gearing up for the mighty clash.
Mark Powell’s men are playing with confidence and are looking forward to a rousing match with their Wharfedale rivals. If the pitch permits flowing play then we’ll be in for a humdinger of a match!

Both camps will undoubtedly have a sleepless Saturday night, brains fizzing in anticipation of the cacophony of local support and the subsequent thrill of bragging rights in the bustling Ilkley pubs.
An inspired victory is enough encouragement for most teams, but this fixture has the added incentive of scooping local pride as first prize. Word on the football grapevine is that John Motson had taken his sheepskin coat to the dry cleaners in preparation for the event, although he had to back-out of the morning’s reporting to attend a professional match. A fair enough excuse, one might think, although Motty’s loss is The Ilkley Gazette’s gain!

It is a time for heroes. A time for composure, daring and passion. A time for proud managers to assess performances, drawing on vast experience to rally the troops and install confidence in their lads. Make no mistake – both teams will be up for the challenge. The question is: who will triumph? And will the kit be clean?!

And the league table couldn’t be closer! Dynamos are sitting pretty in 5th place, although Wheatley are breathing down their necks in 6th position. If there is more anticipated game than this, then we’d like to know about it!

Just one moment of quality. That could be enough. Just one curling free-kick, one flash of brilliance. But here at Wheatley HQ we are expecting more flair, more panache and more flamboyance than Wheels after six pints of Stripe!

But we are not deluded. We are all human, prone to errors. There will be slip-ups. There will be abominable refereeing decisions. There will be the notorious Sparky rants delivered with more zest than a bag of lemon sherbets.

Above all, there will be controversy. But we live in controversial times. Nothing will change that. History does not lie.

So sit back, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!


Written by Lager Varley

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