Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Football fight after Local Derby

About 20 people were found fighting in Brook Street Ilkley by police at the weekend.

Police in Ilkley dealt with a series of fights between football fans and players.
Officers were called to several incidents in Ilkley after Wheatley's 4-0 victory over Ilkley Dynamos at East Holmes Field on Sunday 15th March 2009.

In one incident about 20 people were fighting outside Yorkshire Bank. Two men, a Wheatley player and one Dynamo player, were arrested during the trouble.
Police said they had received no intelligence to indicate that violence had been planned.

Police said they received a number of 999 calls at about 1405 GMT informing them that a large fight involving players & supporters was ongoing in the town centre. Officers attended the scene and the group dispersed.

Football-related fights then broke out at various locations within Ilkley, the force said, and more officers from North Yorkshire were sent in to the town to assist local police.

The arrested Dynamo player was charged with a public order offence. The 38-year-old Wheatley player was arrested on suspicion of causing an affray and released on police bail until 15 April. A Police spokesperson added the arrested Wheatley Player Chris Quaife was basically too old, had no intelligence and could not hold his drink.

There were no reports of any major injuries.


  1. The Press have it wrong again! I can assure you that chris quaife is definitely not 38 - he has lied about his age for years! As the man responsible for his upbringing (in a shady part of Ben Rhydding)I can exclusively reveal that he is 41.

  2. Ha ha, you tell em Mr Quaife!

  3. That makes you a right old fucker!!!

  4. Language young man!!