Friday, 2 January 2009

The Fans...

The Mighty Wheatley are proud of their strong following and their foolhardy fans follow the teams exploits home and away, wind, rain or shine! Here are a few of the teams more committed fans...

John Wood - a keen follower, although often arrives late so as to avoid not playing if the team are short!

Paul Dawson - the first in the crowd to get the chants going. An extremely vocal and loyal Wheatley fan.

Meg Jarvis - can often be seen sat on the touchline cheering on the lads in her multi purpose deckchair. Makes a mean chilli for after the game too!

Gaynor Bott - the teams official photographer and psychotherapist to one of the teams more fiery midfielders, Gaynor is hoping 2009 brings promotion for The Mighty Wheatley!


  1. To be a regular male supporter of the Wheatley is it compulsory to be bald??

  2. ha ha - Good Guppy good! It seems you have spotted a trend there... remind to go watch Dynamo when I hang my boots up, I don't want to catch it!!!

  3. I'd rather go bald than watch them fuckers!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words Wheels. Glad the support is appreciated by some.
    If me & woody weren't bald,you boys would make us tear our hair out. How has Sparky kept his hair? Mind you it has driven him to drink...